Wednesday AM (19 April)
A-Train Program Scientist view Hal Maring File 01_0815a_HMaring_Openingpptx.pptx
NASA Earth Science Directorate view Jack Kaye Presentation Not Available
Logistics Liz Juvera File 01_0815c_EJuvera_LogisticsPresentation_v3.pptx
OPENING REMARKS Graeme Stephens File 01_0845_GStephens_ Plenary-GLS.pptx
Influence of Ice Cloud Microphysics on Imager-Based Estimates of Earth’s Radiation Budget Norman G. Loeb, et al. File 01_0915_NLoeb_Light.pptx
The Role of Cloud Phase in Modulating Global Cloud Radiative Effects Tristan L'Ecuyer, et al. File 01_0930_TLecuyer_CloudPhase.pptx
Rethinking How Cirrus Clouds Impact Climate – Lessons Learned from CALIPSO and MPLNET James R. Campbell, et al. File 01_0945_JCampbell_CirrusClouds.pptx
Direct atmosphere opacity observations from CALIPSO provide new constraints on cloud-radiation interactions Rodrigo Guzman, et al. PDF icon 01_1030_RGUZMAN_AtmoOpacity.pdf
Toward reducing surface and atmospheric energy balance residual Seiji Kato, et al. PDF icon 01_1045_SKato_EnergyBalance.v3.pdf
Testing climate sensitivity using CERES data Andrew Dessler PDF icon 01_1100_ADessler_CERES.pdf
Understanding the cloud lifetime effect using meteorological and thermodynamic regimes Alyson Douglas, et al. PDF icon 01_1115_ADouglas_CloudLifetimev2.pdf
Cloud and environmental regime dependence of precipitating cloud radiative impact parameters using CloudSat/CALIPSO Anita D. Rapp Office presentation icon 01_1130_ARapp_ATrain.ppt
Status of GCOM-W/AMSR2 and its Contribution to Climate and Water Studies Misako Kachi, et al. PDF icon 01_1145_MKachi_GCOM-WStatus_rev.pdf
Wednesday PM (19 April)
An integrated view of North American biosphere carbon flux inter-annual variability: from satellite CO2, phenology, to eddy covariance observations Junjie Liu File 01_1330_JLiu_Biosphere.pptx
Using A-Train observations to examine resilience and vulnerability of Arctic and boreal ecosystems to climate change Nicholas C. Parazoo PDF icon 01_1345_NParazoo_boreal.pdf
Combining CALIOP and OCO2 for improved XCO2 retrieval Aronne Merrelli, et al. File 01_1400_AMerrelli_XCO2Retrieval.pptx
Synergistic Observations from OCO- 2 and Other A-Train Sensors David Crisp, et al. PDF icon 01_1415_DCrisp_OCO2_v2.pdf
GEOS-Chem adjoint inversion of aerosol source emissions with multi-sensor (MODIS, MISR, and OMI) datasets over east Asia Jun Wang, et al. File 01_1430_JWang_EastAsia.pptx
CALIOP-based Biomass Burning Smoke Plume Injection Height: The Reality Amber Soja, et al. File 01_1445_ASoja_Wildfire_CALIOP_FrPlumeInjH.pptx
Use of A-train observations to characterize the physical properties of the Asian Tropopause Aerosol Layer (ATAL) and links to deep convection in the Asian Summer Monsoon T. Duncan Fairlie, et al. PDF icon 01_1630_Fairlie_ATAL.pdf
Use of A-Train aerosol observations to constrain direct aerosol radiative effects (DARE) – comparisons with AeroCom models and uncertainty assessments Jens Redemann, et al. File 01_1645_JRedemann_DARE.pptx
Use A-Train, SEVIRI and WRF to understand the influence of biomass burning smoke aerosols on regional radiative energy budget of SE Atlantic region Zhibo Zhang, et al. File 01_1700_ZZhang_ACA.pptx
Applying MISR’s 17-year Global Record of Aerosol Observations R.A. Kahn, et al. PDF icon 01_1715_RKahn_MISR.pdf
Thursday AM (20 April)
On the use of A-Train observations to study convective processes and convective dynamics Johnny Luo File 02_0800_JLuo_Dynamics.pptx
Tropical Convective Clouds and Cloud Feedback Dennis L Hartmann, et al. File 02_0815_DHartmann_Convection.pptx
A-Train Observations of the Unusual 2015/2016 El Nino in the Tropical Pacific Melody Avery, et al. PDF icon 02_0830_MAvery_ElNino.pdf
Deep convective cloud system size and structure: thermodynamic forcing and modification by aerosols Eric Wilcox File 02_0845_Wilcox_Convective.pptx
Tightening of Hadley ascent key to radiative control on precipitation change in a warmer climate Hui Su, et al. Presentation Not Available
TropIcal Upper tropospheric cloud systems from AIRS, in synergy with AMSR-E, CALIPSO and CLOUDSAT: properties and feedbacks Sofia Protopapadaki, et al. PDF icon 02_0915_AProtopapadaki_AIRSUpperTrop.pdf
Aerosols, clouds and precipitation in extratropical cyclones: relationships as observed with the A-train Catherine Naud, et al. PDF icon 02_0930_CNaud_Aerosols.pdf
A-Train Impact on Global Satellite Measurements Used for Numerical Weather Prediction Mayra I. Oyola, et al. PDF icon 02_1045_MOyola_GlobalSat.pdf
Validation of RTTOV ice cloud and aerosol parameterization using the A-Train Jerome Vidot, et al. PDF icon 02_1100_JVidot_RTTOV.pdf
Advancing drought monitoring and prediction using A-train data Yixin Wen, et al. Presentation Not Available
Atmospheric Boundary Layer from Space: AIRS and the A-Train Q. Yue, et al. File 02_1130_QYue_AIRS.pptx
Tornadogenesis: View from the ATrain. Part II: Model Sean Freeman, et al. File 02_1145_SFreeman_Tornadogenesis.pptx
Seasonal and Latitudinal Variability of Boundary Layer Cloud and Precipitation Properties in the Southern Ocean as Diagnosed from A-Train Data Jay Mace File 02_1200_JMace_Talk_SouthernOcean.pptx
Assessing a high-resolution NWP model’s ability to predict high ice water content conditions using data from A-Train satellites and in situ aircraft Zhipeng Qu, et al. File 02_1215_ZQu_NWPmodel.pptx
Economic Value of a New Climate Observing System Bruce Wielicki Office presentation icon 02_Lunch_BWielicki Economic Value Presentation.ppt
Thursday PM (20 April)
EarthCARE - The Earth Cloud, Aerosol and Radiation Profiling Satellite Mission Michael Eisinger, et al. PDF icon 02_1400_MEisinger_Earthcare.pdf
Observing clouds from the MultiViewing Multi-Channel MultiPolarization Imager Mission of the EUMETSAT Polar System - Second Generation (EPS-SG) Jérôme Riédi, et al. PDF icon 02_1415_JRiedi_CloudRetrievals_Final.pdf
The CubeSat Infrared Atmospheric Sounder (CIRAS). Reducing the cost of future A-train-like measurements Thomas Pagano File 02_1430_TPagano_CubeSat.pptx
Scientific requirements for AMSR2 follow-on Haruhisa Shimoda PDF icon 02_1445_HShimoda_AMSR-2_v2.pdf
Spaceborne Cloud and Precipitation Radars: state of the art and new concepts Simone Tanelli, et al. PDF icon 02_1500_STanelli_SCPR_v2.pdf
A tropospheric chemistry reanalysis based on an assimilation of the ATrain’s multi-sensor system Kazuyuki Miyazaki, et al. PDF icon 02_1645_KMiyazaki_Chemistry.pdf
Retrieval of aerosol height from a combination of OMI and MODIS using a neural network approach Julien Chimot, et al. PDF icon 02_1700_JChimot_LogisticsPresentation.pdf
Profiles of Tropospheric Ozone, Carbon Monoxide and Methane Retrieved from Multiple Satellites Dejian Fu, et al. File 02_1715_DFu_MUSES.pptx
Emergent constraints in chemistry climate interactions: a Bayesian Approach Kevin Bowman. et al. File 02_1730_KBowman_Emeg-Const.pptx
DISCUSSION - FUTURE CONSTELLATIONS: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Graeme Stephens File 02_1745_GStephens_ConstellationDiscussion.pptx
Friday AM (21 April)
Cloud properties retrieved from OCO-2 Mark Richardson, et al. PDF icon 03_0800_MRichardson_OCO2clouds.pdf
O2 A-band measurements from MERIS, OLCI, GOSAT and OCO-2 to assess cloud vertical structures Florian Tornow, et al. PDF icon 03_0815_FTornow(JFischer)_O2A-Band.pdf
A-Train over the Arctic: a humble success story Abhay Devasthale, et al. PDF icon 03_0830_ADevasthale_Arctic.pdf
The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder and the Arctic: What have we learned? Linette Boisvert, et al. File 03_0845_LBoisvert_InfraredSounder.pptx
Advances from the A-Train and challenges for the future Dave Winker Office presentation icon Winker_ATrainSymp_2017.ppt
Estimation of the ice crystal number concentration from CALIPSO/CloudSat observations Odran Sourdeval, et al. PDF icon 03_0915_OSourdeval_IceNumber.pdf
CloudSat Guided Global Snowfall Estimation from Multiple Satellites Guosheng Liu, et al. PDF icon 03_0930_GLiu_CloudSat.pdf
Advancing global precipitation measurement in light of A-train observations Ali Behrangi, et al. File 03_0945_ABehrangi_GlobalPrecip.pptx
Passive microwave and visible/near infrared retrievals of boundary layer cloud physical properties Ralf Bennartz File 03_1030_RBennartz_Microwave.pptx
Ultra-clean Layers and Low Albedo Clouds in the Marine Boundary Layer Robert Wood, et al. File 03_1045_RWood_UCLs.pptx
A Lagrangian Analysis of the Subtropical Stratocumulus PBL Ryan Eastman, et al. PDF icon 03_1100_REastman_Lagrangian.pdf
Seasonal and Internal-annual Cloud Type Variations as Revealed by 10-year CloudSat and CALIPSO Measurements and Its Implications Zhien Wang, et al. File 03_1115_ZWang_CloudType.pptx
Bayesian Retrievals of Vertically Resolved Cloud Properties Derek J. Posselt, et al. PDF icon Posselt_Xu_Mace_Bayesian_Cloud_Retrievals_ATrain_April_2017_Release.pdf
Friday PM (21 April)
Consistency of aerosols above clouds characterization from active and passive A-Train sensors Lucia Deaconu, et al. PDF icon 03_1330_LDeaconu_AAC_comparison.pdf
Light absorption by aerosols from ATrain satellite data and global model Mian Chin, et al. File 03_1345_Chin_LightAbsorption.pptx
9 years of PARASOL/POLDER observations reprocessed: a unique dataset for retrieving atmospheric properties Pierre Tabary, et al. PDF icon 03_1400_PTabary(DTanre)_Parasol.pdf
Influence of long-range anthropogenic transport on arctic cloud phase transitions Quentin Coopman, et al. PDF icon 03_1415_QCoopman_ArcticClouds.pdf
Vertically resolved CALIPSO-CloudSat aerosol extinction coefficient in the marine boundary layer and its covariability with MODIS cloud retrievals David Painemal, et al. File 03_1430_DPainemal_CALIPSO.pptx
Aerosol properties in partly cloudy conditions Alexander Marshak, et al. File 03_1445_AMarshak_Cloudiness.pptx
The Direct Radiative Effect of Aerosols (DREA) from the A-train based on synergistic use of PARASOL, OMI, and MODIS. Otto Hasekamp, et al. PDF icon 03_1530_OHasekamp_DREA.pdf
Interannual variations of early winter Antarctic polar stratospheric cloud formation and nitric acid observed by CALIOP and MLS Alyn Lambert, et al. PDF icon 03_1545_ALambert_Winter.pdf
Towards quantifying global aerosol direct radiative effects using lidar: detection sensitivity Tyler Thorsen, et al. PDF icon 03_1600_TThorsen_LidarADRE.pdf